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In this document we compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the voice calls.

Where can I activate the voice calls communication method?

The voice calls communication method is available in sensor alarms and communication failures

It is not available for counter alarms, journey occurrences, battery and calibration alerts. 

Moreover, the voice call communication method is only available on alarms and communication failures currently occurring. This means that the ViGIE system will not call you when:

  • an alarm has recovered
  • an alarm was acknowledged (Under analysis or Solved)
  • a communication failure has recovered

You can consult how to configure the voice calls communication method here:

Who will receive the voice calls?

Only people configured to receive the alerts by voice calls will be notified through this method. ViGIE will not preconfigure any default voice call communications. However, you can contact us if you need some assistance in doing so. In the following video we exemplify how to activate the voice calls communication method of a sensor alarm for a specific user.


What is ViGIE's voice call number?

ViGIE's voice call service will contact you from +44 7701 407146. You can save this number in your contacts list as the voice calls will always come from this contact. 

Please do not attempt to call this number as this is an automatic voice call system alert.

In what languages will I be contacted?

The voice call will be made in the same language your ViGIE portal is configured. We currently have English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French available and those are the languages the voice call is also available. 

In case you need to change the language of your ViGIE portal, please check the following article:

What is the content of each voice call?

We'll have automatic voice calls available for the following alerts:

  • Open alarm
  • Alarm not acknowledged
  • Alarm not resolved
  • Alarm severity changed (from warning to critical only)
  • New communication failure

Therefore, in each voice call we'll start by an introduction message "ViGIE Alert!".

Then we'll explain what is the issue and what is/are the sensor(s) affected. Example, "New critical alarm from sensor Vac Fridge 1".

On voice calls we'll refer to the sensor using it's tag (short description).

Here is an example of each alert type, referring to a sensor called "Vaccines Fridge 1" with tag "Vac Fridge 1":

  • Open alarm:  ViGIE Alert! New critical alarm from sensor Vac Fridge 1
  • Alarm not acknowledged: ViGIE Alert! Critical alarm of the sensor Vac Fridge 1 was not acknowledged.
  • Alarm not resolved: ViGIE Alert! Critical alarm of sensor Vac Fridge 1 was not resolved. 
  • Alarm severity changed: ViGIE Alert! Alarm severity of sensor Vac Fridge 1 has been raised to critical.
  • Communication failure of one sensor: ViGIE Alert! The sensor Vac Fridge 1 has a communication failure.
  • Communication failure of multiple sensors: ViGIE Alert! There are X sensors under communication failure.

Can I personalize the content of the voice calls?

No, it is not possible to define the content of the voice call. However, its content is adaptable to the alert type, the status and the sensor it refers to. Please check in the previous topic the different voice call alert types.

How much will a voice call cost?

The cost of the voice calls depend on the country of your organization and its length, as our service charges per second of the voice call. 

Take into account that these charges are applied per each voice call and not by alert generated. Example, if one alarm is triggered and two users are configured to be alerted by voice call, the ViGIE system will call each user individually about this alarm. Therefore two voice calls will be generated. If the price per voice call is 3 credits, then 6 credits will be charged (6 credits x 2 voice calls).

Please consult this article to confirm the average number of credits that will be charged per each voice call, according to your country:

If I'm out of my country will I still receive the voice call alerts? And how much will be charged?

Yes, the ViGIE alerts will always be assured, even if your out of the country and the exact same price will be charged.

I've configured an alarm but I haven't received the voice call. What happened?

There are a number of issues that can be related to why you haven't received the voice call alert.

Please check  this article for the main reasons regarding communication issues and how are the best ways to approach each one:

What happens if I do not answer ViGIE's Voice call?

If you do not answer ViGIE's voice call alert we'll try to re-alert 2 times more, with a 5 minute interval period. This means that in the space of 10 minutes you may receive a maximum of 3 voice calls regarding the same alarm.

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