Sensor data analysis

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The Analysis section of the Main Menu allows you to analyse the data collected by the sensors of your organisation. In this section you can:

1. View data from sensors


  •   The graphical evolution of the chosen sensor parameter for the selected time period is displayed.



  • The last measured value is displayed, as well as the average, minimum and maximum value collected during the selected time period. Clicking on See Configurations gives access to the Sensor View. The Show on Floor Map option allows representing the sensor in your organization Floor Maps.



  • A summary of the triggered alarms, occurred events and sensor deactivations for the selected time period is also displayed.



Find out how to view sensor data here.

2. Compare data from multiple sensors

  • Data comparison can be performed between multiple sensor parameters (maximum of 6 parameters) in homologous time periods.



  • The information presented for the analysis of an individual parameter is the same as for the comparison of multiple parameters.



Find out how to compare data from multiple sensors here.



3. Validate alarms

  • You can validate alarms when analysing the data collected by one or more sensors.



Find out how to validate alarms here.



4. Export sensors data


  • The data collected by sensors can be exported to Excel or printed directly from the Analysis section.



Find out how to export data collected by sensors here.



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