How to export my dashboard tabs as Public Display

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ViGIE 3 allows you to export your dashboards tabs (Alarms, Sensors, Floor Maps and Maintenance) as Public Displays to use as an information panel. The Public Display is automatically updated.


To export a dashboard's tab as a Public Display, go through the following steps:

Step 1: Find the Public Diplay option in the upper right corner of your dashboard. Click on this option and you will have access to the window from which you can generate the link for each one of the dashboard tabs.

Step 2: Find the tab of your dashboard that you want to export as a Public Display and assign a name to the desired Public Display.


Step 3: If you want to export the Alarms, Sensors or Floor Maps tab, follow step 3.1. If you want to export the Maintenance tab, follow step 3.2.

            Step 3.1: Enable sound alerts when generating alarms, selecting the alarm levels for which you want to receive sound alerts. (optional)

If you select the Warning Level option, audible alerts will be generated for both warning and critical alarms.

If you select the Critical Level option, sound alerts will be generated for critical alarms only.


            Step 3.2: Select the timeframe that you want to see information on the public display.

Step 4: Click on Generate link.

Step 5: Copy the generated link by clicking on the Copy option.


Step 6: Paste the copied link in a browser with internet connection. You will have access to your public display, which will be updated automatically.

NOTE: Please consider the step 7 if you are exporting the Sensors, Alarms or Floor Maps dashboard tab.

Step 7: Due to the media autoplay policy, all sounds are disabled by your browser on the public display webpage. To enable them, you will have to interact with the page by closing the message that appears at the top of your public display.



Example of how to export the Sensors dashboard tab as Public Display:




If your browser is Firefox, in addition to closing the message that appears at the top of your page, you will have to enable the sending of sounds in order to be able to receive the sound alerts.

In the search bar of your browser you will see a special icon, shown in the image below.

Click on that icon to open the information panel, where you can change the Autoplay permissions. Select the Allow Audio and Video option.



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